August 1, 2016
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August 1, 2016
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Man Crunch


ManCrunch – Gay Video Chat, Date & Meet

ManCrunch is the ultimate free meet-up app for the gay, bi and bi-curious community and is the ONLY app that has video calling. Discover and meet new guys close to you or anywhere in the world and interact via text, photos, video calling and much more!

Create a free account OR just start using the app right away to see who’s online and looking to meet you. ManCrunch has been designed for the world of big screens, keeping all the controls within easy reach of your thumb. Left-handed? No problem – choose left-handed mode in settings and you are all set.

Get Real with video chat – ManCrunch’s free face-to-face video chat feature ensures that the person you are talking to is really who they say they are – No surprises!
Messaging has never been easier – and secure! Send self-destruct photos and videos to anyone and they will vanish without a trace. Send animated stickers to friends and express yourself in a fun way. Call with voice only or with video right from the chat window for a seamless chat experience.

Get started with these great FREE features:

VIDEO CALLING – ManCrunch is the world’s first gay chat app that features video calling.

VIDEO PROFILES – ManCrunch takes profiles into the future by letting you record up to a 10s video clip as your profile picture. You can still choose a photo if preferred and remember to keep it clean!

GEOLOCATION – Checking out where people are has never been easier with ManCrunch’s unique cluster-based mapping feature. Zoom out to see where groups are congregating or zoom in to get a better idea of who is nearby. Browse mode lets you see who is closest to you in a grid fashion.

THE WINK GAME – Bored? Cycle through local ManCrunch users and wink at them, pass, or make them a favorite. ManCrunch Unlimited users can play the Wink Game with users around the world – and know when they wink back! All Winks are anonymous. No one will ever know you’ve passed on their profile.

PRIVATE LIBRARY – Use our secure Private Library for photos or videos that you don’t want to store on your phone. They are always only accessible by you – you only share them with people you choose.

READY FOR RIGHT NOW? – Use the HOT indicator to let people know you are ready to meet right now!

WINK COUNTER – Every time someone winks at you, you will be notified who winked in messaging so you can start up a conversation. Additionally, located in your profile is a counter which builds a running total of how many winks you have received since joining ManCrunch. This is visible ONLY TO YOU.

FAVORITES – Easily and quickly mark someone as a favorite for easy searching later on.

ANIMATED EROTICONS – Send an animated eroticon to someone letting them know how you are feeling. Additional eroticon packs are available for ManCrunch Unlimited users.

PRIVATE NOTES – Store private notes about a user in their user profile, and they are visible only to you.

PIN CODE SECURITY – Keep your conversations private by using a 4 digit launch PIN code to unlock the app.

STEALTH MODE – Enabling Stealth Mode changes the home page icon to make ManCrunch look like a password program, complete with a 4 digit code.


Get more ManCrunch easily with ManCrunch Unlimited.

– Browse unlimited users in your area
– Add as many private photos and videos as you would like
– No limits on the number of self-destruct photos or videos you can send
– Get access to additional animated eroticons
– Browse profiles anywhere in the world
– Travelling to another city? Change your current location to the city of choice and start meeting people before you arrive

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